Keep Calm & Eat Cupcakes

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And the hits just keep on comin’! It is the first day of March, and we are currently under assault. The snow and cold just won’t seem to stop this winter. We’ve already seen 2-3 inches of snow in the last 12 hours and by the end of tonight the forecasters are expecting an additional 5 inches of accumulation. Oh – and the kicker – tonight’s forecast is for -10, which will feel like -28.

WHAT?! It is March, right?

I’m beginning to wonder if it will EVER get warm again. I feel a bit like I did in my ninth month of pregnancy. I was never one of those women who take pregnancy in stride. I had nearly every side effect known to man (er…woman), and I remember feeling like the discomfort would never cease – that I would be pregnant for-ever! Logically speaking, of course, I knew it wasn’t possible to be eternally preggers. And, I’ll go out on a limb here and say that I doubt there’s ever been evidence of a woman who’s pregnant state was never-ending. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but think that I would never see a light at the end of the tunnel.

This winter has catapulted me into that same state of mind. When it hasn’t been snowing, it’s been freezing ass cold. Yes, that’s a technical term for so cold it could freeze your butt off. My kids have been bouncing off the walls, nearly killing each other with their pent-up energy. I’ve been hiding away in my basement or sewing closet like a hobbit, grasping for anything that might help me keep my sanity: a paint brush, needle and thread, or more often than not, Girl Scout cookies – by the row. And my poor husband – he works most of his days in the elements and is beginning to wither from the daily layering of clothes, hand-warmers, heated insoles and frozen lunches. Will it ever end? Are we entering a second Ice Age? I’m beginning to wonder. I mean, it has to get warmer one of these days. Right? Right?!

On the upside – today is my birthday and I had a cupcake.

Stay warm friends.

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