Happy Heart, Filthy Floors

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What an amazing 30 days it has been! About a month ago I decided to become a vendor at the Little Prairie Girl (LPG) Vintage Market Barn Sale. Since that time, I had been busy, busy, busy, preparing for the big day. The event was this past weekend and it was nothing short of spectacular.

As the date of the event approached, the more my nerves increased. I’ve sold quite a few things here and there through friends or Facebook, but this was going to be my first official experience as a vendor. It kind of made what I’ve been doing seem that much more real. More of a “job” than a “hobby.”

I first inquired about becoming a LPG vendor last fall, and I’m not really sure why it took me so long to make the big leap of filling out an application. Perhaps it was the fear of rejection. The market is a juried event, which means there is an application process and you have to be “selected” to participate. What if the selection committee told me no? And even if I was accepted, which I was, what if I didn’t sell anything?! It felt a little like asking someone out on a date for the first time. The worst outcome – said date responds with a resounding “no” and destroys every ounce of confidence you have in yourself. The best outcome – a most excellent date, followed by an intense love affair, and you live happily ever after. Well, let’s just say I’m sort of in that “love affair” state of mind right now. The verdict is still out on the happily ever after.

Friday and Saturday were packed with both good crowds and lots of buyers. A ton of my projects found new homes. And better yet, the feedback from friends, acquaintances and strangers was amazing. The entire experience was just plain FUN! If I hadn’t sold a single item, it still would have been a success in my mind. The owner of LPG, Natalie Meester, does a phenomenal job of creating an upbeat and enjoyable atmostphere. Most of all, from my experience, she’s flat out “good people.” The experience was so positive, I’ve already secured a spot in the Hen House for September’s sale. It must have given me the confidence I needed, because I’ve also inquired about becoming a vendor for the Back Road’s Vintage Market in Dysart. WOO HOO!

That’s me – driving my husband’s BEAST of a truck, AND pulling a trailer. I was TERRIFIED about driving the trailer, but I only curb-checked it once. Not too shabby! :-)

The Hatchlings & Hens booth at Little Prairie Girl in the Hen House.

I’m often asked how I find time to do so much crafting. Other stay-at-home moms want to know how I manage to do all of the things stay-at-home moms do AND find time for projects. All I can say is it’s an addiction. So much so, that many times other areas of my life seem to suffer. Laundry, for instance. After what has been an exhausting month, and even more tiring weekend, here’s what my dining room looked like on Monday morning.

There are Easter decorations in there somewhere!

I think it had been a week or more since I had even considered some quality time with the washing machine. And, ahem, don’t even think about using my bathroom or eating from my kitchen right now. It may look clean, but it’s all a facade! Before I host my family’s Easter this coming weekend, I have some serious deep cleaning to do. See, not a single one of us is perfect. It may look like I’m calm and collected on the outside, but I assure you, behind the scenes, I’m a big fat mess! I’m also “lucky” to have inherited the inability to chillax, a trait which plagues nearly every woman on my mom’s side. It’s part of the reason I suffer from tension headaches and the reason I’m medicated for anxiety and depression. Even with the drugs, I still can’t seem to master the skill of putting up my feet. So, while you may be asking yourself how I manage to get it all done, I assure you I’m asking myself the same about you. Stay-at-home moms who manage to find time to cook, clean, take care of the kids AND have a workout regime. Or women who juggle more than TWO kids! Working moms who work all day AND still manage to have a clean house, cook and find quality time for their kids. Every single one of you women, for your individual accomplishments, is amazing to me! While you may not be producing projects such as mine, I’ll bet your laundry room looks a hell of a lot better than mine and that your husband isn’t begging you to “just sit down for a minute.” We all have our crosses to bear, mine just happens to be disguised, from time to time, as a strength.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I have a kitchen floor to scrub!

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