Purple Passion

By May 19, 2014 Musings One Comment

This morning as I was standing at my kitchen sink overlooking my backyard, I noticed the lilacs are in bloom! I just knew I could smell them in the air last night as I wandered out to the mailbox to get Saturday’s mail…on Sunday (yup – that’s how we roll).

There are few things in nature that bring me as much joy as lilacs. We had a lilac tree at the house in which I grew up. I can still remember waiting patiently for them to reach their peak so I could cut a bouquet, wrap the stems with a wet paper towel, and haul them into school to
give to my teachers. Oh the pride I felt as I would stare up at them with the beautiful purple flowers extended.

I’m not prejudice to the color: purple or white – it doesn’t matter as long as the fragrance is strong! My husband despises them because it also means the height of his allergy season has arrived. On several occasions he’s threatened to whack down that tree. I hope he’s prepared for disappointment, because that’s one argument he will NEVER win! 

The blossoms are not quite ready for cutting just yet, though I can’t wait, because a giant bouquet will certainly grace the center of my kitchen island!

One Comment

  • Bethany says:

    Oh, I love lilacs too! We just have a Miss Kim one which is not as fragrant. To get my lilac fix I cut some from my neighbor's lilac (with permission). We are can little behind on our flowering trees here so I will have to wait a little longer.

    Saturday's mail on Sunday…a weekend norm here too. :)

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