A daughter’s first love.

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I once read that a girl gains her confidence from her father. We all have our hangups, and I’m no exception to that rule. But I have to say, that when it comes to the job of fathering, my dad earns the Triple Crown. When I think about what he must have endured while living in a house full of women – teenaged girls nonetheless – the question begs to be answered, “how the hell did he do it?!” Sure, he loved us. We are, after all, the extension of his being. But, I’m just not sure how he managed to keep his sanity in that house full of estrogen!

My sister and I always knew not to mess with Dad. When he made a proclamation it was taken as The Gospel. And we knew if he was mad – we better run – FAST! But even so, he was, and is, one of the most kind, generous and unselfish men I know. What I cherish most about my dad is that no matter the distance, no matter the hurdles, if I really needed him – he’d come running. That’s not to say he didn’t let us forge our own rivers or carve our own paths. He let us make our mistakes, but he was always there waiting with a helpful hand to pick us up out of the dirt after we dusted off our own pants.

Today – the day before Father’s Day – I can’t help but reflect on the most cherished moments I’ve had with my dad. One of the best is of him walking me down the aisle at my wedding. It’s a moment not everyone gets to share with their dad, and I’m so thankful that he was there that day. A strong runner up was seeing him with his grandson for the very first time. I’m not sure a child can really understand the capacity of their parents’ love until they have experienced it first hand. My heart grew tenfold that day.

And just today – Dad saved my butt, yet again! I won a vintage crib in an online auction and went to pick it up with my two boys and my mom in tow. When I arrived at the house it still needed to be dismantled. Do you think I planned ahead enough to bring tools along?! Ha! A quick call to Superdad saved the day. There were no sighs, no annoyances in his voice, he just asked where he should meet me. Within a few minutes he arrived with an arsenal of hand tools and a smile. Gotta love that man!

So here’s to you, Dad! You gave me the confidence to be the strong woman I am today. And, most importantly, you taught me to recognize a good man when I see one. I love you!

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