Testing, testing…

Hey y’all!

Well here it is! My first blog post on my NEW website! And…the first of many posts about the new digs. One of the things I’m most excited about with the new shop is the make & take craft studio that will be available for walk-ins during business hours AND for private parties by appointment. Think birthday parties, baby showers, Girls’ Night Out, you name it! Before I became a stay-at-home mommy and then business owner (I’m still getting used to that term…) I was an event planner and public relations specialist. So…this little crafting space that I’ve created is just screaming excitement to me.

Before we hit the ground running – I wanted to test out a few of the functionalities of the craft space so I invited a few friends for a sneak peek. We got together last night and had a BLAST! They offered so many awesome suggestions for improving the space, and were so generous to offer up their amazing skills in the creativity department. Even (self-proclaimed) crafting-impaired Jessica knocked it out of the park. And, yes – there were adult beverages involved. Part of the beauty of renting the space for a private party – you can bring in your own food & beverages! Hey – a little Summer Shandy never hurt anyone’s creativity!

Here are a few pics from our fun test run…


Tracey is decoupaging a bowl with vintage book pages.



Jenny chose a flower pot and used several techniques – decoupage, paint, aging with layered colors. Nice work, Jenny! But, then again you are a pro when it comes to paint!



Morgan decided to work with one of the wood cutouts – she chose the state of Iowa. A little paint, a little decoupage with vintage sheet music, a little twine, a couple of buttons…you get the picture.



Cindy literally got down and dirty with a piglet. She used scrapbook paper to decoupage. When the foam brush wasn’t working she went for the fingers! I think she may have used my entire supply of Modge Podge. LOL!



I have to admit I was a little worried when I first saw all of the fabric, yarn and ribbon Sarah was adding to her monogram letter “S.” She’s no stranger to DIY, so I sat back and watched. It turned into an AWESOME Boho-inspired piece. You killed it, girl!



Our tiniest and ONLY man of the group. Little Hugo was only 5 days old and joined his mama Emma. Look at that adorable little scowl. I love it!



Self-proclaimed non-crafter Jess and her finished monogram letter “M.” I’d say ya did pretty darn well for someone who “can’t craft.” Next to Jess is Sarah and her finished Boho “S.”



A monogram letter “A” for Abbie! She chose to decoupage scrapbook paper and added rickrack ribbon around the edges. So adorable! How cute would this be in a little girl’s room?!



Nice work, ladies! A couple of our gals are missing from the group shot. They had to run out for more beer. Ha!


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