I’d give you this shirt off my back…

It might not be something you give much thought – but have you ever considered where your purchases come from? And I’m not just talking about “things.” I’m also referring to the food we put in our mouths, the material we slather on our bodies…I could go on. There’s no arguing that we could all use a little lesson in responsibility when it comes to taking care of our state, our country, and our planet.

A Des Moines-based company has taken this idea of responsible consumerism one step further with their call to action to buy local, eat local and support state pride. Locally Grown Clothing Co. began in the heart of Iowa with a simple idea – selling t-shirts at the Des Moines Farmer’s Market. Their logo, a rooster, was a symbol to “wake-up” and pay attention to the products we buy and the food we put in our mouths. Since they first appeared at the farmer’s market, their message has evolved from a simple call to action into a complete lifestyle. By creating awareness of where our food and clothing comes from and helping people connect with each other and their community, they hope to create a better place to call home. Locally Grown® apparel and accessories are designed, printed, and manufactured in the United States and can be found in locally-owned shops across the country – including Hatchlings & Hens!


This brand is one I am so excited to be carrying for so many reasons. First and foremost – they’re a responsible purchase. And it’s an easy purchase because their designs are so unique and fun! The t-shirts are so soft and they have a vintage, lived-in feel that is so cozy. Plus – they look and feel just as good after you wash them.


For the littles, Hatchlings & Hens carries a small sampling of what Locally Grown® has to offer and I hope to expand into other designs as our store expands. Hatchlings & Hens carries an adult version – in our signature red – that features the “locally grown” slogan along with the state of Iowa and the suggestion to support our local state.


So, people, if you love them as much as we do, snatch them up while they last – I have a feeling we’re going to be placing a lot of orders with this Iowa-based company!

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