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I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. I’m not sure if it’s the ungodly hot weather, my post-op support hose (they’re really sexy!), the post-op couch potato lifestyle…or…I could go on. I’m totally understanding why this time of year has been coined the dog days of summer. ‘Cause boy are my doggies tired from doing…nothing. Even the shop has been in a bit of a holding pattern as of late and I’m ready for a change!

Its hard to believe that Fall is creeping in. And in the retail world…if you’re not already thinking about your Fall game plan, you’re pretty much SOL. I know part of what has me in a funk is that I have all of these fabulous ideas floating around in my head for the harvest season, but no way to bring them to fruition. I mean, you would think I was a bit nuts if pumpkins and witch’s hats started showing up in my windows and on my shelves. Plus…until today, I was lacking inspiration for how to wrangle those ideas into a plan.

A friend told me I needed a trip…visit some shops I’ve been wanting to get to. It was fantastic advice, but not in the cards until Fall Open House season is upon us. So…I did the next best thing. Googled and Pinterested (are those words?) my way to inspiration. Gotta love modern technology!

image image image

After my wheels started turning, I busted out some sweet sketches of how these plans might actually work in the shop.


I’m no artist, but at least you get the jist…and my labeling certainly helps. Ha!

I definitely haven’t fully recovered from this self-diagnosed clinical “funk.” But…I’m getting there! And, hey, if the plan doesn’t work out, I’ve got some beautiful artwork to line the inside of my trash can!

Maybe now I can catch some z’s. Nighty night. ???

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